Panorama of the Canadian metropolis



Panorama of the Canadian metropolis

In Canada, the most famous tourist route is the Canadian city of Toronto. Every year, a huge mass of travelers, arriving in the country, are imbued with the extraordinary atmosphere of Canadian life, slowly strolling through the streets with a visit to memorable places. Toronto is an extremely curious and rich city in the content of architectural and historical monuments. But apart from everything else, the life of an ultra-modern city proceeds in it.

The main avenue of the metropolis.

For travelers, the main street of the city has been a real memorable place for a long time. 10 years ago, a ban was imposed on the entry of vehicles, due to the significant concentration of people on Central Street. Therefore, among the residents of Toronto, it has become the favorite pastime of walking in the central part of the metropolis. The central street cannot boast of cultural monuments, but along the entire length of the street there are many shops, various cafes and restaurants. This is a good reason to relax with friends in a restaurant or cafe, or go shopping.

Exhibition Complex.

One of the vast exhibition complexes is located not far from the city center. The complex consists of more than one thousand different halls, and exhibitions are simultaneously held in eight hundred rooms at once. Scientific topics are touched upon at all exhibitions. Every day, at the same time, staged performances are held in the Center. Even guests can be involved in them, in particular, to conduct some interesting experience.

Museum of the History of Toronto.

The history of Toronto and, in general, the whole of Canada is perfectly demonstrated in the house of the first mayor. Currently, it has been turned into a museum of architecture and history. In the museum, you can enjoy displaying exhibits of history. In some rooms for fans of more energetic relaxation, there is an opportunity to enjoy traditional dishes made according to old recipes.

City underground.

You definitely need to jump under the surface of the earth, being in the main square of the metropolis. Not too long ago, architects created an entire city under the center of Toronto. The length of the underground city is several kilometers. Little is known about the history of the construction of the city underground, but visitors to Toronto can visit the many shops and restaurants strolling the streets of the underground city.

CN Tower.

The CN Tower has long been Toronto's most important emblem. Until now, it was in the first place among the tallest towers in the world. Its height reaches about six hundred meters. Today the tower is visited by a large number of tourists. At the very top, an observation deck with a transparent floor was erected.

The building of the city administration.
The city hall in any country in the world is one of the magnificent buildings in the city. The Canadian metropolis is no exception. The building bears little resemblance to other typical structures. The two multi-storey towers are connected by a huge oval-shaped pavilion. In front of the entrance to the building, there is a place for recreation, in addition, panoramic windows are installed in the city hall.

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